Featured Business- QHAUZ, LLC- Auto Financing and Technology

Justin Andrade, Mike Andrade, & Matt Heidrich

QHauz is an auto financing system and software that allows traditional car dealerships access to credit-challenged car buyers that most dealers cannot currently do business with. Perhaps more importantly, QHauz provides credit-challenged car buyers the ability to purchase nicer, more reliable vehicles from reputable dealers with more customer-friendly financing rates.

If you have less than perfect or “subprime” credit, the car buying experience is typically an unpleasant one. The options these customers have to purchase a vehicle are limited to non-traditional, “buy here pay here” dealerships that often take advantage of the consumer’s limited credit situation and offer less than desirable vehicles. Thirty-six years ago, QHuaz founder, Mike Andrade, experienced this problem firsthand at his original car dealership and decided his customers deserved better. Mike’s first car lot was in his hometown of Liberal, KS. Liberal is a blue-collar, southwest Kansas town where the local job market revolves around oil fields and meatpacking plants. The city’s economic environment meant that many of Mike’s customers had subprime credit. Mike’s mission was to provide his neighbors and friends with nicer, more reliable vehicles at reasonable rates. He wanted his customers to come to his dealerships and be treated just like someone that had perfect credit.  A concept which almost does not exist in the world of subprime auto finance.

After years of refining his process and with the help of his co-founders Matt Heidrich and Justin Andrade, Mike’s vision developed into the QHauz financing system. What Mike and his partners realized is that Liberal is not the only city with a large subprime customer base. NADA reported that nationwide in 2019 over 40% of auto loan credit applications were from consumers with subprime credit scores and most traditional dealerships have no means for providing the financing. QHauz will change this by giving traditional dealers, the software, processes, and training to secure loans for subprime customers on high-quality vehicles. The QHuaz financing system bridges the gap between an underserved consumer base and the dealerships that can sell them better cars.

Mike and his team have helped hundreds of customers with their transportation needs and lent millions of dollars along the way. As one can imagine this requires tremendous financial accounting. As a rapidly growing upstart business, keeping track of the numbers seemed like a monumental task. Doug Freeman took on this task and has been invaluable to QHauz during this growth. His expertise in accounting and understanding of emerging technology companies were a perfect fit for QHauz. Early on in working with Doug it became obvious that he also shared the core business values that are so important to QHauz. Values that regardless of the business you are in you should be helping people. Just as Mike Andrade’s mission was to find a better auto finance solution for his customers, Doug Freeman is always trying to offer better accounting solutions for his clients. In addition to his brilliant accounting, Doug is someone who at the end of the day wants to help make his client’s lives a little better in the work he does. Outside of the founding team, there has been no one more vital to the company’s success than Doug.