Fractional CFO

Because our CPAs have non-public accounting backgrounds in corporate finance and have served as corporate CFOs, we can help light the way for your organization. Whether you need expertise in negotiating a bank loan deal, conducting due diligence on an M&A transaction or getting a deeper look into the numbers behind your numbers, we deliver the technical skills and business acumen that will bolster your success.

SWAT Team for Accounting and Tax Messes

Several of our clients are businesses whose prior accounting was non-existent or incorrect, which led to incorrect tax return filings. Without spending inordinate time in cleanup, Douglas L. Freeman, CPA, identified and fixed the issues, resulting in correct tax return filings and much cleaner financial statements going forward.


A transportation industry client asked us to take the lead on marrying its accounting processes to an operations system being built in Salesforce. After completing that project, we helped identify accounting software that integrated the client’s operational and financial data into a new, holistic dashboard that gives company executives a real-time view into the business’s health.


Health care never stops changing. Our ‘outside-the-box’ approach has helped dental and medical clients navigate that shifting landscape in ways most CPA firms wouldn’t have the experience to do. For example, we have assisted with creating patient scheduling efficiencies and recommending revised employee workloads to maximize these businesses’ revenue and profit.

Salon/Day Spa

Going it alone without a CPA, a salon/day spa client filed payroll reports under the wrong Employer Identification Number (EIN) and sent employees incorrect W-2s. Once the business hired us, we quickly untangled the mess and served as the liaison with the IRS to properly file the company’s documents and request penalty abatements.


For several manufacturing clients, we go deep with inventory issues. From cost of goods sold to inventory levels, and from reorder points to better tracking systems, we have become a leading inventory management resource for our clients.

For a manufacturing business that managed COGS through monthly inventory counts, we converted the accounting system to manage COGS as invoices, leaving the monthly inventory counts to serve as a double-check. When it has become clear that other clients’ inventory systems are inadequate to support business growth, we have identified the businesses’ needs in their next phases of growth, made new system recommendations and helped implement the selected systems on time and on budget.


We have extensive technology experience. Whether for an early-stage, venture-backed business or for one that is well into generating revenue, we understand the debt and equity instruments typically used, prepare accurate statements and manage the tax aspects of the selected instrument.

Family Office/Trust/Estate

Individual clients frequently entrust us as their “family office.” Our leading-edge security technologies keep our clients’ data safe, and our range of services covers everything from paying bills to preparing financial statements and tax returns.