Featured Business- Sage Restoration

Family Owned and Operated, Ensuring the BEST Quality in the Industry

When Sage Restoration was founded in 2010, Stephanie and Alan just wanted to help homeowners live happy and healthy lives, especially after an unexpected disaster strikes.   Clients and friends often ask how they chose restoration services as their industry, and it always comes back to that very basic principle: helping people in need.  Sage Restoration is a woman and family-owned and entrepreneurially-led business that is dedicated to helping property owners recover from very stressful situations.

As a leader, Stephanie could have chosen an enterprise in a much different business category, however, the restoration business model really appealed to her, as did the idea of helping people get their homes healthy and livable again.  She was also well connected in the entrepreneurial community, and knew that they weren’t exempt from disaster either.  Stephanie wasn’t daunted by the fact that she was the only woman in her restoration training courses, knowing that restoration is a male-dominated industry.  She even overheard a few of her classmates say that she would never be able to “do the work.” Stephanie continued to work and study, never doubting her own ability to “do the work”, and boy, did she prove them wrong!  Stephanie was more than able to do the work, and began her business as one woman in a van, doing ALL the work.

Her husband and business partner, Alan who has a background in the corporate world, came on board full time with the company in 2012 and their son, Connor, came on board full time in 2016 to learn the family business and is currently Director of Operations and Business Development.  Years later, there’s little doubt she made the right choice in starting Sage Restoration. Stephanie, Alan, and Connor have turned a one-person operation into a competitive small business that specializes in restoring homes and businesses damaged by water, mold, fire, and odor.

In just ten years, Stephanie moved from bootstrap beginnings and being a one “woman show” juggling on-site restoration, clean-up, marketing, and operations.  She went from utilizing part-time and contract employees to a company fully staffed with technicians, operations managers, state-of-the-art equipment, and round-the-clock responsiveness.

Sage employees know that they are often walking into a family’s life at one of the most stressful and shocking times. This is where clients see the biggest difference between Sage and their competitors. Sage technicians take time to talk to the homeowners, listen to them and offer a caring, supportive hand. In this way, Sage proves that they really are in the business of helping people with their properties. That’s really their bottom line.

Stephanie urges her employees to combine a sense of urgency with care, compassion, and over- the- top service.  Sage understands that they are guests in residents’ homes and owners’ places of business and always clean up after completing work. Sage Restorations’ technicians are timely and courteous, putting communication with the client first.  Technicians are trained to call if they are running behind schedule, and to be respectful in all aspects of client service.

Sage is a preferred vendor on several insurance carriers’ lists and can file claims with all of the insurance carriers on behalf of customers. Sage’s sales team also seeks property owners who want to use a local, independent, family-owned company versus a larger more corporate/less caring business. Sage is proud to be a local, family-owned business!

Stephanie says this about Douglas L Freeman, CPA, “After going through two bad CPA’s for several years we were very frustrated, to say the least, but luckily, we were referred to Doug Freeman who has been a blessing for us and our company.  Doug took the time to work with us to get our books in order so that we had accurate financial reports. I cannot say enough good things about Doug as he is a great communicator who can explain accounting principles in a clear manner and has great follow up. Anytime we reach out to Doug he is quick to respond! We would refer Doug to any business owner because one thing we have learned is that if you do not have a great CPA that can spell trouble for you and your company in a variety of ways.”